tube-shaped container

A bucket is a container with a wide open top and a handle that is mainly used for carrying liquids. In some cases, solids may also be carried in a bucket (like sand which is hard to carry in your hands).

A plastic bucket.

Some buckets are used for work, and some more for leisure, as seen here Archived 2016-03-06 at the Wayback Machine . A bucket used for work is often made of a strong material such as iron or steel and is used to carry things like coal or soil. A bucket used for leisure, e.g. for making sandcastles, is normally made of plastic.

In rare cases, a bucket may be worn as a piece of clothing, people may wear a bucket on their heads for humorous reasons. Buckethead is a famous example of this.

A free open source Minecraft server mod called Bukkit, an intentional misspelling of "Bucket" is very popular for Minecraft server development.