Bumin Qaghan

founder of the Turkic Khaganate

Bumin Qaghan (Old Turkic: 𐰉𐰆𐰢𐰣:𐰴𐰍𐰣, Turkish: Bumin Kağan; died at 552) was the founder of the first Turkish empire in history, the First Turk Khanate of the Gökturks in Late Antique Central Asia. Until the discovery of the Orkhon runes (1889) and the decipherment of the writings on them (1893) by the Danish philologist Vilhelm Thomsen, Bumin Qaghan was known only by his Chinese name 土門 (T'u-men), as he is found in mentioned in Chinese sources

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Bumin Qaghan
Preceded by
Qaghan of the First Turkic Khaganate
Succeeded by
Issik Qaghan