floating device

A buoy is a floating device that can have many uses. It is usually anchored in a certain place. The word is most commonly said ([bɔɪ]) (as in buoyant), but in American English it is often pronounced [ˈbu.i].

Weather buoy

Types change

Navigational aids change

Buoys are used by ships to navigate or sail safely from place to place. They are used to mark a safe channel on a river, lake or harbour. They are used to mark dangerous rocks and other items which ships have to keep clear of.[1] They can also be used to mark a shipwreck, pipelines or swimming areas.

Navigation Buoy
Buoy used for dinghy or yacht racing

Other uses change

Buoys are used as marker for fishing, moorings for boats, yacht or dinghy racing, diving[2] or weather stations[3] and may be marked on charts as "Superbuoys".

References change

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