Burmese Days

novel by George Orwell

Burmese Days is a novel by George Orwell. It was published in 1934. The book is about colonialism and racism in Burma.


George Orwell worked as a policeman in Burma for five years. He thought the way people were treated in parts of the British Empire was unfair and he used some of his own experiences as ideas.

Orwell finished writing the book in 1933 and it was published the year after.


In Burma, a man called John Flory lives on his own. He is unhappy with his life and misses his home in England but he has been in Burma so long, he does not feel like he can return home. Flory does not like the other English people in the town. He thinks they treat the local people very cruelly. Flory's best friend is an Indian doctor called Veraswami and some people make fun of him for being friendly with someone who is not white.

A young lady called Elizabeth moves to the town and Flory plans to marry her. He hopes that if he does, he might be able to become happy. At the same time, an important Burmese man in the town called U Po Kyin makes a plan to have more power and this effects Flory and Veraswami.[1]


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