mythical castle and court associated with King Arthur

In the legends of King Arthur, Camelot is Arthur's castle. In fiction about the Middle Ages, Arthur rules Scotland from Camelot and holds feasts at his round table. The round table, which has no legs or head, symbolized the idea of a good king because every knight who sat at it had an equal place. Since Camelot's original place is still uncertain, the truth about it, if it ever existed, is still unknown. Camelot once held many great things such as The Holy Grail, The Holy Sword Excalibur and The Round Table which brought Arthur's best knights together.

Camelot picture by Gustave Doré, 1868.

The end of Camelot was caused by Sir Lancelot's and Queen Guinevere's love affair, which forced Camelot to plunge into civil-war.