List of historical capitals of Egypt

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This article is about the Egyptian national capital in general. For the current capital, see Cairo.

The Capital of Egypt is Cairo. In the course of history, the national capital has been in many locations other than Cairo.


List of Egyptian capitalsEdit

The capitals of Egypt in chronological order begin with Thinis (pre-2950 BC)[1]

I-VIII dynastiesEdit

IX and X dynastiesEdit

XI dynastyEdit

XII dynastyEdit

XIII dynastyEdit

XIV dynastyEdit

  • Xois: (1715 BC - 1650 BC)

XV dynastyEdit

XVI dynastyEdit

XVII-XVIII dynastiesEdit

XVIII-XIX dynastiesEdit

XIX-XX dynastiesEdit

XXI dynastyEdit

  • Tanis: (1078 BC - 945 BC)

XXII dynastyEdit

XXIII dynastyEdit

XXIV dynastyEdit

  • Sais: (725 BC - 715 BC)

XXV dynastyEdit

XXVI-XXVII dynastiesEdit

  • Sais: (664 BC - 525 BC)

XXVIII dynastyEdit

  • Sais: (404 BC - 399 BC)

XXIX dynastyEdit

XXX dynastyEdit

XXXI dynastyEdit


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