Cargo aircraft

aircraft configured specifically to transport cargo
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A cargo aircraft is an aircraft that can carry cargo. In some cases, it may also carry passengers.

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Civilian aircraft change

Oversized cargo aircraft Boeing 747LCF.

Civilian cargo aircraft carry cargo or mail. This is generally a kind of airliner, designed for passengers but modified for cargo.[1] Some civilians cargo aircraft are specially equipped for carrying oversized cargo [2] such as aircraft wings, tank-trucks, rocket pieces, or sometimes military heavy trucks and tanks.

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Military aircraft change

Cargo aircraft Transall C.160 of the French Air Force.

Military transport aircraft can carry cargo and passengers. Passengers are usually troops, including paratroopers. The seats are usually simple. These aircraft typically have a sloping loading door at the rear of the fuselage for quick loading and unloading. Some use turbojets, others use turboprop engines.

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