Carrie Akers

American sideshow attraction

Carrie Akers (1860s - ?) was an American sideshow attraction. Contrary to several websites, she was not known as The Warthog. She was born in Virginia. She weighed 309 pounds, and stood 34 inches tall. She was both a sideshow Fat Lady and one of the Little People (dwarves, midgets). She was known as "Quarrelsome Carrie" in the sideshow community because of her volcanic temper. The community avoided her. A fiery dispute with P. T. Barnum led to the showman firing her from the American Museum [source?].

Carrie Akers
Akers, date unknown
OccupationSideshow attraction
EmployerP. T. Barnum
Height34 in (86 cm)

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