hydraulic binder used in the composition of mortar and concrete

Cement is a material that hardens and sticks to other materials to hold them together. Portland cement is a common kind, and made from quicklime (heated limestone) and clay. Cement is used to make concrete and mortar. Cement is widely used for plastering and rendering. Plastering is done for the inner walls, and cement rendering is done for the exterior walls. Cement rendering is also used to clad brickwork on either exterior, interior, or boundary walls.[1] This keeps brickwork protected from rain and water.


Joseph Aspdin developed Portland cement in the 19th century. He heated ground limestone and clay mix and then pulverized the mixture into fine powder.[2] In 1824 he also obtained a patent for his creation. Portland cement is suitable for wet climates and can be used underwater.

The global cement market is estimated to be around $340 billion. China is the top cement producer, followed by India and the USA.[3] The rising population is driving the cement demand. Countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa are improving their infrastructure which is resulting in the growth of the global cement industry.

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