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Charge could mean:

  • Electric charge, the charge in electricity
  • to take charge, or being in charge means to take or have authority and responsibility for decisions
  • In firearms, to charge a weapon is to load it and ready it for firing
  • Charge (engine), the air or fuel/air mixture being fed into the intake in an internal combustion engine. Charge air usually refers to air that has not had fuel mixed with it.
  • During the European Middle Ages, a charge (youth) often meant an underage person placed under the supervision of a nobleman
  • Charge (warfare), a manoeuvre in battle where soldiers rush towards their enemy to engage in close combat
  • In context of wartime operations, to charge with certain rights, such as guaranteeing persons held in custody are allowed those rights
  • In money, a charge is what someone has to pay, such as a charge for using an automatic teller machine, entering a museum, being late with a payment, etc.
  • In basketball, a charge is an foul, called when an offensive player with the ball makes illegal contact with a defensive player who has legally established his position
  • CHARGE syndrome, birth defects in children
  • Charge card, similar to a credit card
  • A pen spinning trick where the pen makes conic rotations between two fingers

In law:

  • A criminal charge is an indictment before a court by a prosecuting authority
  • A jury charge is are jury instructions given by a judge to a jury concerning the law applicable to the case under consideration
  • An equitable charge is a security interest similar in effect to a mortgage