Chidi (god)

Chinese deity, member of the Wufang Shangdi

The Red Emperor (Chidi) is a Chinese God of fire and the southern direction[1]

Science and technology
Member of Wufang Shangdi
Diagram of the Wufang Shangdi
Major cult centreMount Heng
PredecessorCangdi (Wuxing cycle)
SuccessorHuangdi (Wuxing cycle and in office as the Flame Emperor)

His avatars include the Yan Emperor,[2] Shennong,[3] Emperor Yao[4] and Zhurong.[2]

He is one of the five manifestations of Shangdi and is associated with the essence of fire; his takes the form of a Red Dragon (朱龙 Zhūlóng) or a phoenix. He is the god of farming, raising animals, medicine and market.[5] He helps doctors and scientists.[6] He is linked to Mars.[7]

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