Chilean Gendarmerie

Chile's uniformed national prison service military

The Chilean Gendarmerie, (Spanish: Gendarmería de Chile, abbreviated to GENCHI) is the title of Chile's uniformed national prison service. The service evolved out of Chilean Army units which were given police and prison duties. It is an armed service responsible to the Ministry of Justice. In the actuality, the service is currently led by the General Director of the Gendarmerie Mr. Luis Masferrer Farías, a lawyer appointed to this role by the Chilean president in 2010.

The Chilean Gendarmerie
Gendarmería de Chile
Abbreviation GENCHI
Logo of the The Chilean Gendarmerie.
Motto Labor Omnia Vincit. Deus Patria Lex
Work conquers everything. God, Country, Law
Agency Overview
Formed 1929, November 30
Preceding agency Cuerpo de Gendarmería de Prisiones
Legal personality Governmental agency
Jurisdictional Structure
National agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
Legal jurisdiction As per operations jurisdiction.
General nature
Operational Structure
Overviewed by Dirección Nacional
Headquarters Santiago de Chile
Agency executive Luis Masferrer Farías, Director Nacional

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