Chip 'n Dale

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Chip 'n' Dale are two fictional, animated chipmunks. They were made by The Walt Disney Company. Their names are a pun from the name "Chippendale" (see Thomas Chippendale). Chip has a black nose, one tooth, and smooth short hair on his head. Dale has a red nose, two teeth, and ruffled hair. They like peanuts and apples. Chip is a reliable character. Dale is an easygoing character.

Chip 'n Dale
First appearancePrototype: Private Pluto (1943)
Official: Chip an' Dale (1947)
Created byBill Justice
Voiced byChip:
Jimmy MacDonald (1943–1960)
Helen Silbert (1956)
Tress MacNeille (1988–present)
Dessie Flynn (1943–1960)
Dessie Miller (1952)
Robie Lester (1960-1984)
Corey Burton (1988–present)
Developed byJack Hannah
AliasesThe Lone Chipmunks
The Rescue Rangers
Significant other(s)Clarice
Gadget Hackwrench (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
RelativesNot specified[source?]
NemesesDonald Duck, Pete, Pluto,
Fat Cat

Chip 'n' Dale first appeared in the cartoon Private Pluto in 1943. They were in 23 animated short films. Usually they got into trouble with either Pluto or Donald Duck.

List of Chip 'n' Dale shorts


Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers


In 1989, Chip and Dale starred in an animated series Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. In the series, they formed a detective agency with three new characters. There were 65 episodes aired over three seasons. Their personalities changed a bit for the series. Instead of causing trouble, in the series they fought crime and helped the less fortunate. Chip was the responsible, no-nonsense leader who wore a leather jacket and fedora. Dale was goofy, laid-back, and wore a Hawaiian shirt.

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