Chloric acid

chemical compound

Chloric acid is a chemical compound. It is also an acid. Its chemical formula is HClO3. It contains chlorate and hydrogen ions.



Chloric acid is a colorless solution. It cannot be made pure. It only can be mixed with water. It is very reactive. Chloric acid can decompose when warmed to make perchloric acid, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and oxygen. It is a powerful oxidizing agent. It can make things like sugar burn when it is mixed with them. Sulfur can make explosive mixtures with potassium chlorate because chloric acid can be made.



It can be made by reacting barium chlorate with sulfuric acid. The insoluble barium sulfate is filtered out. It can also be made by heating hypochlorous acid.

Chloric acid can be used as a reagent in chemical analysis and to make other chemicals