Christian Democrats (Sweden)

political party in Sweden

The Christian Democrats (Swedish: Kristdemokraterna, KD) is a Christian democratic[1] political party in Sweden. The party was founded in 1964. It did not enter parliament until 1985 in an electoral cooperation with the Centre Party. They entered on the Christian Democrats' own accord in 1991. The leader since 25 April 2015 is Ebba Busch Thor.[2] She succeeded Göran Hägglund, who had been the party's leader since 2004. The four most important issues for the party are:

The party name was for a long time abbreviated KDS until 1996, when the new abbreviation became KD. This was because the name changed from the Christian Democratic Unity to the Christian Democrats.

The Christian Democrats were a minor party in the centre-right Alliance coalition government led by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt until his resignation in 2014.


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