Christiane Moreau (1906 - 2000) was a French female basketball player and resistance fighter from Nantes. She was a member of the earliest France women's national basketball team.[1]

Christiane Moreau
Personal information

With the national team, she competed at the EuroBasket Women 1938, the first official European championships, finishing in fourth position.[2]

During World War II was resistance fighter. Moreau was arrested and deported to Ravensbrück. She had to work in an arms factory.[3]

Moreau was one of the founding members women's section within the SNUC (Nantais university club stadium) bringing together five disciplines: basketball, volleyball, handball and swimming. The handball team became French national champion in 1961 and participated at the first European Cup for clubs.[3]

In 2022 a main sports complex in Nantes was named after her.[3][4]

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A women named "Moreau" with first name unknown competed at the 1930 European Women's Basketball Championship, the first unofficial European Basketball champion.[5] With this result they qualified for the Basketball at the 1930 Women's World Games final in Prague where this same Moreau competed. They lost the final to the Canadian team with 18-14.[5][6][7]

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