Cingular Wireless

subsidiary of AT&T that provides wireless services
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Cingular Wireless was a mobile phone company from United States. Cingular is now owned by AT&T. AT&T Mobility LLC (usually called AT&T) is fully owned by AT&T and provides wireless service to more than 120 million users in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. AT&T Mobility is the second largest mobile phone company in the United States behind Verizon Wireless, which has more than 130 million users. AT&T Wireless was bought out in 2006 and Cingular took on the name AT&T Wireless then in 2007 Cingular shut down their towers because of the name change. The first [1] iPhone was sold in Cingular Wireless stores.

Cingular [[3G]][[UMTS]][[SIM Card]]
Cingular 3G UMTS SIM card.

Cingular Wireless was created in 2000, by a joint venture of SBC Communications Inc. and the BellSouth Corporation[2] It operated under this name, as an AT&T competitor[3], until the AT&T buy out.


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