Cinque Ports

five coastal towns in Kent, Sussex and Essex, England

The Cinque Ports is a confederation of coastal towns in Kent and Sussex.[1] It was originally formed for military and trade purposes, but is now ceremonial. A Royal Charter of 1155 established the ports. The ports are at the eastern end of the English Channel, where the crossing to the continent is narrowest. In Norman French, the name means "five ports". They were:

The Cinque Ports and their 'limbs'

However, Rye, originally a subsidiary of New Romney, changed to become one of the Cinque Ports, after New Romney was damaged by storms and silted up. Romney is now a mile from the sea, separated from it by Dungeness, which is a large pebble beach.

Coat of arms of Hastings. The heraldic emblem of the Cinque Ports is the front half of a lion joined to the back of a ship. This is in the coats of arms of several towns, and in the heraldic banner (flag) of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.[2]

The Federation of Cinque Ports includes various other towns on the coast. These are called "limbs" of the Cinque Ports.

The Federation is supported by two towns, one of which is Rye, and the other (a few miles back from the coast) is Winchelsea. These towns once supported militias which could be used for defence of the area.

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