Civic Platform

political party in Poland

Civic Platform (Polish: Platforma Obywatelska) is a political party in Poland. It is currently the second largest political party in Poland.

Civic Platform
LeaderDonald Tusk
Founded24 January 2001 (24 January 2001)
Split fromSolidarity Electoral Action,
Freedom Union
IdeologyConservative liberalism[1]
Christian democracy
Political positionCentre-right[2][3]

The party gets a lot of its support from the north and west of Poland.

Some famous Civic Platform politicians include Donald Tusk, Jerzy Buzek, Ewa Kopacz, Bronisław Komorowski and Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.

Beliefs Edit

The party supports the European Union.[4]

The party is against same-sex marriage, abortion,[5] euthanasia,[6] fetal stem cell research and the removal of religious symbols from schools.

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