Clare College, Cambridge

college of the University of Cambridge

Clare College is one of the colleges of the University of Cambridge, England. It opened in 1326, so it is the second oldest. Its first name was University Hall but it was changed to Clare Hall in 1338. This was because Elizabeth de Clare, granddaughter of Edward I, gave money to the college. In 1856 it changed name again to its current one.

The front of Clare College

The college building is next to King's College. It goes across the river Cam with a famous bridge which has fourteen spherical stones on it. One of the stones is missing a bit: there are many legends used to explain this fact. The bridge is the oldest on the river. Across the bridge there is a big and beautiful garden, which is usually only open to the Fellows (university teachers).

Very important people have studied here, like David Attenborough, Andrew Wiles, Charles Cornwallis and Thomas Pelham-Holles.

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