Clodovil Hernandes

Brazilian stylist, TV host and politician (1937-2009)

Clodovil Hernandes (17 June 193717 March 2009[1]) was a Brazilian fashion designer, television host and politician.

Clodovil Hernandes in 2009

A designer in the '60s and '70s, he was invited to work in television, where he hosted numerous programs on several stations.

He launched congress election in 2006 and became the third most voted congressman in the country, with 493,951 votes or 2.43% of valid votes. Once, when he was asked about running in the municipal elections for São Paulo Mayor position, he changed the subject and did not answer the question.[2]

He was known mainly for his controversial statements, deemed inappropriate or rude, often directed at other famous personalities. Among other problems, he was accused of racism and anti-Semitism.[3]