Community service

non-paying job for the benefit of community

Community service is work done by individuals or groups of people, to the benefit of their community. Community service is usually done at little or no pay. It is different from volunteering, as there are situations where it isn't done voluntarily

  • Some people who have been convicted of a crime may be required to perform community service as part of their conviction.
  • Some countries require part or all of their citizens to do military service. For those people who refuse to carry arms or to serve in the military, there usually is an option to replace the military service with some form of community service.
  • Some religious groups require people to do some kind of community service. One example of this is The Salvation Army. Both people who founded the group were Methodist. In Methodism, charity, and helping those in need are very important
  • In some places, there are taxes to support the firefighters. People who are firefighters, or who spent some time helping the firefighters do not have to pay these taxes.
Ukrainians doing street cleaning as a form of community service.