Compass rose

figure on a compass, map, nautical chart, or monument used to display the orientation of the cardinal directions

A compass rose is a drawing on a map that shows the cardinal directions.

A compass rose showing the cardinal directions
Wind Greek Romant Frankish
N Aparctias (ὰπαρκτίας) Septentrio Nordroni
NNE Meses (μέσης) or
Boreas (βoρέας)
Aquilo Nordostroni
NE Caicias (καικίας) Caecias Ostnordroni
E Apeliotes (ὰπηλιώτης) Subsolanus Ostroni
SE Eurus (εΰρος) Vulturnus Ostsundroni
SSE Euronotus (εὺρόνοtος) Euronotus Sundostroni
S Notos (νόtος) Auster Sundroni
SSW Libonotos (λιβόνοtος) Libonotus
or Austroafricus
SW Lips (λίψ) Africus Vuestsundroni
W Zephyrus (ζέφυρος) Favonius Vuestroni
NW Argestes (ὰργέστης) Corus Vuestnordroni
NNW Thrascias (θρασκίας) Thrascias or Circius Nordvuestroni

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