Corfu (city)

capital of the Greek island and municipality of Corfu

Corfu city is the capital of the Corfu Island and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the east Mediterranean. The town has an intense colour of the Italian renaissance, because in the past, Corfu was under the Venice rule. So, Corfu resemble a south Italian City. It a very touristic city and many tourists are coming to Corfu from all the world, mainly from west Europe. The population of Corfu city is 35.851 inhabitants

Corfu city

Sights change

Corfu has many sights, so it is very interesting for visitors. The city has old buildings with very beautiful architecture. There is the "mon repo" Palace where princess Sissy lived. Another place of interest is the islet pontikonisi.

History change

Corfu Town Hall

Corfu is believed that it in the past was the Homeric country of Faekes where Odysseus had arrived, before he reached Ithaki. In the ancient archaist period the Corintians had founded some colonies. In the Middle Ages Corfu belonged to Byzantine Empire and later belonged to Venice state. Corfu was united with Greece in 1864.