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commune in Haute-Corse, France

Corte (Corsican: Corti) in is a city (a "commune" in French) in the Haute-Corse département in central area of Corsica, in France. It is the fourth-largest city in Corsica (after Ajaccio, Bastia, and Porto-Vecchio), with a population of 6,329 inhabitants in 1999. Corte was the capital of the Corsican independent state during the period of Pasquale Paoli.


  • Area: 149.27 km²
  • Average altitude: 486 m

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Corte is connected to Ajaccio, Bastia and Calvi by the Corsican railway.


Corte has become a major University town in Corsica since the Pasquale Paoli University opened 1980.

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