Highest active volcano in the world

Mount Cotopaxi is a volcano in Ecuador. The mountain's altitude (height) is 5,911 metres (19,393 feet). That is high enough for snow to fall on it, even though it is near the equator (a very warm part of the world). If the volcano erupted, it would be very bad for the people living around it because of the destruction and damage it could cause.

Mount Cotopaxi
Mount Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi began showing new activity. As of 25 June 2015, it was under active watch by the National Polytechnic School Geophysics Institute.[1]

The Geophysics Institute at the National Polytechnic School in Quito houses an international team of seismologists and volcanologists whose responsibility is to monitor Ecuadors numerous active volcanoes and the constant seismic activity in the Andean Volcanic Belt and the Galapagos Islands.[2][3]