Count of Champagne

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The count of Champagne was the ruler of the County of Champagne from 950 to 1316. Champagne evolved from the County of Troyes in the late eleventh century and Hugh I was the first to officially use the title count of Champagne.

Counts and dukes of Champagne, Troyes, Meaux and Blois


Dukes of Champagne


In Merovingian and Carolingian times, several dukes of Champagne (or Campania) are known. The duchy appears to have been created by combining the civitates of Reims, Châlons-en-Champagne. Laon, and Troyes. In the late seventh and early eighth centuries, Champagne was controlled by the Pippinids; first by Drogo, son of Pippin of Herstal, and then by Drogo's son Arnulf.

Counts of Champagne

  • Theobald IV, also King of Navarre as Theobald I (1201–1253)
  • Theobald V, also King of Navarre as Theobald II (1253–1270)
  • Henry III, also King of Navarre as Henry I (1270–1274)
  • Joan (1274–1305), also Queen of Navarre
  • Philip (co-ruler of Joan), also King of France as Philip IV
  • Louis (1305–1316), also King of Navarre, became King of France in 1314, after which the title merged into the royal domain