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CounterPunch is a left-wing[1][2][3] magazine.[4] It is bi-weekly[5] meaning that it posts twice a week. The website says that its funds (money) comes from their readers.[4]


CounterPunch was made in 1994 by Ken Silverstein. It was first a newsletter.


Christopher Reed said that CounterPunch is "is one of the most popular political sources in America, with a keen following in Washington". He said this in The Guardian.

CounterPunch has also been described as left-wing.[2][3]

Michael Moynihan said in the libertarian magazine Reason that CounterPunch is far-left.[6]

The pro-Israel lobby group Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) stated that CounterPunch is "an extremist, anti-Israel website".[7]

Adam Levick in Algemeiner criticised CounterPunch for allowing anti-semites and neo-Nazis like Gilad Atzmon to publish content on their website.[8]


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