Counties of Iran

administrative division of Iran

The provinces of Iran are divided more into counties called shahrestan (Persian: شهرستان shahrestān). This is an area inside an ostan. They usually contain a city center, a few bakhsh (Persian: بخش bakhsh), and a bunch of villages around them. They are also usually some cities in each county. As of the year 2005, Iran had 324 counties.

County listEdit

The following is a list of counties by province:

Tehran ProvinceEdit

Qom ProvinceEdit

Markazi ProvinceEdit

Qazvin ProvinceEdit

Gilan ProvinceEdit

Ardabil ProvinceEdit

Zanjan ProvinceEdit

East Azarbaijan ProvinceEdit

West Azarbaijan ProvinceEdit

Kordestan ProvinceEdit

Hamadan ProvinceEdit

Kermanshah ProvinceEdit

Ilam ProvinceEdit

Lorestan ProvinceEdit

Khuzestan ProvinceEdit

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari ProvinceEdit

Kohgeluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad ProvinceEdit

Bushehr ProvinceEdit

Fars ProvinceEdit

Hormozgan ProvinceEdit

Sistan and Baluchestan ProvinceEdit

Kerman ProvinceEdit

Yazd ProvinceEdit

Esfahan ProvinceEdit

Semnan ProvinceEdit

Mazandaran ProvinceEdit

Golestan ProvinceEdit

North Khorasan ProvinceEdit

Razavi Khorasan ProvinceEdit

South Khorasan ProvinceEdit