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Cri-Cri is a fictional talking cricket. The character was created by Francisco Gabilondo Soler and introduced in 1934 on his own musical radio show in Mexico. Cri-Cri is known as el grillito cantor, which is Spanish for "the singing cricket".

Francisco Gabilondo Soler

The character was created by Gabilondo Soler when he was a child. It became so famous and gave its author such renown, that it became a second name for Gabilondo. In the mid part of the 20th century, he became the most recognizable singer of children's songs in Spanish. Gabilondo's dedication to this segment of the population has been greatly admired, comparable to Walt Disney in his honest approach to making life fun for those who are beginning to live it.

It was made into a movie that was released on 12 December 1963 in Mexico. It was produced by Producciones Carlos Amador.[1]


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