DDT (band)

Russian rock band

DDT (or ДДТ in Cyrillic) is a popular Russian rock band founded in 1980. The leader is Yuri Shevchuk. It is one of the most successful and famous Russian musical groups.



The band was formed in 1980.[1]

Although they never considered themselves political activists, Shevchuk always addresses the problems of his country. DDT always worked as a "non-conformist" group, producing albums and giving concerts throughout the world.

In 1988 DDT made their first visit to the U.S., their concert in Los Angeles was covered by MTV.[1]

In 1992 DDT released the album Spring the Actress. This album contained famous hits, especially "Shto takoe osen'" (What is Autumn), "Dozd'" (Rain) and "Rodina" (Motherland).

In May 1998, the band presented the new album World number zero which contained influences from industrial music and a wide use of computer technologies.

In 2011, DDT released the album Otherwise.


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