D (musical note)

musical note

D or Re is the first note of the D major scale.

D Note
Scientific designation Helmholtz designation Octave name Frequency (Hz)
D−1 D͵͵͵ or ͵͵͵D or DDDD Subsubcontra 9.177
D0 D͵͵ or ͵͵D or DDD Subcontra 18.354
D1 D͵ or ͵D or DD Contra 36.708
D2 D Great 73.416
D3 d Small 146.832
D4 d′ One-lined 293.665
D5 d′′ Two-lined 587.33
D6 d′′′ Three-lined 1174.659
D7 d′′′′ Four-lined 2349.318
D8 d′′′′′ Five-lined 4698.636
D9 d′′′′′′ Six-lined 9397.273
D10 d′′′′′′′ Seven-lined 18794.545