powerful feudal territorial lord in pre-modern Japan

The daimyo (大名, daimyō) (audio speaker icondaimyō ) were powerful feudal rulers from the 10th century to the early 19th century in Japan. Each daimyo had control over a part of the country. The Shogun had power over the daimyo.

Shugo daimyo


The first daimyo were called the shugo daimyo (守護大名, shugo daimyō).

Sengoku daimyo


sengoku daimyo (戦国大名, sengoku daimyō)

Edo daimyo


The Edo period began in 1600 after the Battle of Sekigahara. The Shogun changed the power and position of the daimyo.

Sankin Kotai


Sankin kotai was a system to control daimyo. The shogun made the daimyo come to Edo every other year.