Daisy Chainsaw


Daisy Chainsaw was an English punk rock band. The band was started in 1989.


Daisy Chainsaw started in 1989 after KatieJane Garside answered an advertisement that Crispin Gray put in a music magazine. In 1991 the band released Love Sick Pleasure.

They released their first album Eleventeen on October 6, 1992. In 1993 Garside left the band.[1] In 1994 Daisy Chainsaw released their last album For They Know Not What They Do. Belinda Leith took Garside's place as singer for the album. In 1995 they released their last EP You're Gruesome. Crispin Gray took Leith's place.

In 1995 Daisy Chainsaw broke up. After that Gray, Adams and Johnson made a band called Dizzy Q Viper.


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