Daisy Duck

Disney cartoon character

Daisy Duck is a cartoon character created in 1940 at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Daisy Duck
First appearanceMr. Duck Steps Out (1940)
Created byCarl Barks
Voiced byClarence Nash (1940)
Ruth Clifford (1948)
Gloria Blondell (1945–1950)
Vivi Janiss (1954)
Patricia Parris (1983-1989)
Tony Anselmo (1987)
Diane Michelle (1989–1999)
Russi Taylor (Fantasia 2000)
Tress MacNeille (1999-)
Debra Wilson (2022-)
Developed byJack King (animator), Don Rosa
AliasesKatrian Duck (Dutch), Margarida (Portuguese)
SpeciesAmerican Pekin Duck
FamilyDuck family
Significant other(s)Donald Duck
RelativesApril, May, and June (nieces)

Daisy made her official debut (an earlier love interest for Donald called Donna was introduced in the 1937 short 'Don Donald') in the 1940 short Mr. Duck Steps Out.

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