Dance/Mix Show Airplay

American electronic dance music radio chart published by Billboard

The Dance/Mix Show Airplay (formerly Hot Dance Airplay) chart is a monitored chart in Billboard Magazine. It tracks airplay from radio stations in the United States. The chart was started on August 16, 2003 (as a unpublished chart). It became official the week of October 25, 2003. At first it had six stations who programed a full-time Dance format.[1] In 2008 it became exclusive-only to Billboard. The chart was renamed to Dance/Mix Show Airplay in November 2011.[1] This is when it made its playlist available for viewing on BDS Radio's website. This included the selected Top 40, Rhythmic, and Adult Top 40 stations who submit their mix show hours to Billboard. A modified version was added to Billboard's website in January 2013. It featured 15 songs. Originally featuring 25 charted titles when it started in 2003, it was expanded finally to 40 songs in December 2014. It is available from Billboard and from BDS.[2]

The first number one single on this chart was "Crazy In Love". It was by Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z for the week ending August 16, 2003 (Billboard would later the unpublished chart official in August 2018). When Billboard made the chart official the week ending October 25, 2003, "Just The Way You Are" by Milky was the first number-one single in the published chart.

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