Dance Flick

2009 film by Damien Dante Wayans

Dance Flick is a dark comedy spoof movie by the Wayans Brothers. It is a parody of dance movies, mainly Save the Last Dance and You Got Served.

Thomas, a dark-skinned breakdancer, loses a dance battle with his crew, but owing money to the fat gangster Sugar Bear. Meanwhile, Megan, a light-skinned former dancer changes her school. In her new school she is nearly the only white girl. She soon becomes a friend of Charity, the sister of Thomas. One day, Megan, Charity, Thomas and Thomas' crew member A-Con go to "Club Violence", where Thomas realises that Megan loves dancing. He wants to teach her dancing and they fall in love. But nobody wants to see a light-skinned and a dark-skinned in love.

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