Daydreams (1915 movie)

1915 film by Yevgeni Bauer

Daydreams (Russian: Грёзы) is a 1915 Russian silent drama movie directed by Yevgeni Bauer.[1] It stars Alexandr Vyrubov, F. Werchowzewa, and Viktor Arens.

Directed byYevgeni Bauer
Written byM. Basov
Produced byAleksandr Khanzhonkov
CinematographyBoris Zavelev
Release date
  • 1915 (1915)
Running time
37 minutes
LanguagesSilent film with
Russian intertitles

Actors change

  • Alexandr Vyrubov as Sergei Nikolaevich Nedelin
  • F. Werchowzewa as Yelena, his wife
  • Viktor Arens as Solski, a painter
  • N. Chernobajewa as Tina Wlarskaja, an actress

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