Delma is a luxury watch company based in Lengnau, Switzerland, founded by the brothers Adolf and Albert Gilomen in 1924.[1]


The Gilomen brothers originally registered four brands: Thuya, Midland, Delma and Gil. Thuya served as the company’s name, and the other brands were used for watch models. The Delma brand name first appeared on watches in 1933. It was established as the company’s name in 1966 with the company take over by Ulrich Wüthrich and Fritz Fankhauser. In 1996 Ulrich Wüthrich's son-in-law, Fred Leibundgut, entered the company and took over as President and CEO.[1][2]

Delma Watch Ltd.
Privately held company
IndustryWatch manufacturing
PredecessorUlrich Wüthrich
SuccessorFred Leibundgut
FounderAdolf Gilomen & Albert Gilomen
Key people
Adolf Gilomen, Albert Gilomen, Ulrich Wüthrich, Fred Leibundgut
ProductsWristwatches, Pocket watches


  • Delma watches are divided into five subsections: Racing, Diver, Dress and Ladies.[3]


In 2016, Delma entered a partnership with the IMOCA 60 as Official Timer of the Transat New York to Vendée.[5]


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