Democratic Party of Japan

1998–2016 political party in Japan

The Democratic Party of Japan (民主党, Minshutō) was a centre to centre-left political party in Japan. It was founded in April 1998. It used to be the second largest political party in Japan after Jiminto. It was led by Katsuya Okada. The party dissolved in March 2016.

Democratic Party of Japan
PresidentKatsuya Okada
Secretary-GeneralYukio Edano
Councilors leaderAkira Gunji
Representatives leaderKatsuya Okada
FounderNaoto Kan
Yukio Hatoyama
Tsutomu Hata
Founded27 April 1998 (1998-04-27)
Dissolved27 March 2016 (2016-03-27)
Merger of
Preceded byNew Frontier Party
Merged intoDemocratic Party (2016)
Headquarters1-11-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0014, Japan
Social liberalism
Political positionCentre to centre-left[1][2]
International affiliationAlliance of Democrats (2005–2012)
Colors    Red and black (informally)


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