Democrats (Brazil)

Political party in Brazil

The Democrats (Portuguese: Democratas, DEM) is a political party in Brazil. It was founded in 1985. It changed to its current name in 2007. The original name reflected the party's support of free market policies.[5] The Democrats' identification number is 25 and its colors are green, blue, and white.

PresidentAntônio Carlos Magalhães Neto
FoundedJanuary 24, 1985 (PFL)
March 28, 2007 (DEM)
Split fromDemocratic Social Party
HeadquartersSenado Federal - Anexo I - 26º Andar, Sala 2602 - Brasília - DF
Youth wingJuventude Democratas
IdeologyLiberal conservatism[2]
Economic liberalism[3]
Classical liberalism
Christian humanism
Political positionCentre-right to right-wing[4]
International affiliationCDI,
Regional affiliationULAP,
Colors    Blue, Green, White
Slogan"The Force of New Ideas"
TSE Identification Number25
Seats in the Federal Senate
7 / 81
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
29 / 513
1 / 27
Seats in Legislative Assemblies
76 / 1,024
278 / 5,568
Seats in Municipal Chambers
3,209 / 51,748

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