Dere Street

Roman road that ran from York to the Antonine Wall

Dere Street (later Via Regia in Scotland) was a Roman road in Britain. It ran between Eboracum (York) and the Antonine Wall at Bo'ness (Veluniate), in what is now Scotland.

Dere Street
Map of Roman Britain
Route of Dere Street in blue
Route information
Length226 mi (364 km)
[146 mi (235 km) Eboracum to Trimontium; 80 mi (129 km) Trimontium to Veluniate]
Time periodRoman Britain
Major junctions

Dere Street still exists as the route of major roads, including the A1 and A68 just north of Corbridge.

Its name comes from the post Roman Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Deira, through which the first part of its route lies. It was sometimes referred to as "Watling Street" and marked on some maps as such. This can cause it to be confused with the Watling Street that linked Dover with Wroxeter.