Desperate Housewives

American comedy-drama TV series

Desperate Housewives is an American television series. It is shown in many other countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Palestine, and Malaysia. The show is shown on ABC in the United States. The series ran on ABC from October 3, 2004 until May 13, 2012 with eight seasons and a total of 180 episodes.

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Desperate Housewives is a comedy-drama. It is like a soap opera, but is not because it only has a new episode once a week. The show is about a group of neighbors who live on Wisteria Lane in the made-up town of Fairview.

Season 1


The show opens with the suicide of Mary Alice Young, a housewife who lives on Wisteria Lane. After that, Mary Alice narrates about her 4 friends: Susan Mayer - a divorced mother who falls in love with her new neighbor Mike Delfino; Bree Van de Kamp - seemingly "the perfect housewife and the perfect mother"; Gabrielle Solis - a former model who married a rich husband, but she has an affair with her teenager gardener; and Lynette Scavo - who has 4 kids and her husband at his work all the time. While they try to be the best mothers and housewives, they try to understand why Mary Alice killed herself, and they find a mysterious letter and a cassette with a recording of Mary Alice that says her real name is Angela.

Season 2


In season 2 Betty Applewhite,a new neighbour lives in Wisteria Lane with they´re two children Mathew and Caleb, Caleb so his mother thinks killed in Chicago Melanie Foster the girlfriend of Mathew - after the narrator tells that in reality Mathew kills Melanie after a fight he will be killed by the SWAT. Meanwhile, Danielle falls in love with him and later they run from home away(before he will be killed). Then Bree's husband Rex will be murdered by George Williams a pharmacist, because he loves her very much. Lynette decided to work and her husband Tom must be by their kids. At the end of the season Lynette follows Tom to Atlantic City and there she see that he have an affair with Nora Huntington( Lynette didn´t ken her), but then Lynette see that it was a discord and they are happy together. Susan and Mike loves now each other and there will marry but then at the end Orson Hodge crossed with aid him. Gabrielle is pregnant from her gardener John and Carlos and Gaby decided to tease him. After Gabrielle's stairs fall she loose the child and they decided to have a surrogate mother because Gaby could not have a kid now. The secret is all the time what happens in Chicago as Melanie dies.

Season 3


Season 3 takes of six months after season 2 ends. Bree has started dating Orson Hodge, not knowing he ran over Mike Delfino, who was on his way to propose to Susan. Lynette has calmed down after the fact that Tom has another child, but she gets annoyed when Nora tries to always be a part of the family, when she feels like she can only include Tom's daughter Kayla. Mike is still in a coma, 6 months after he was run down by Orson. Gabrielle and Carlos are getting divorced. When Gaby has to take care of Xiao-Mei, who are carrying Carlos and Gabrielle's child, it really makes her furious, since she was the woman Carlos was cheating with.

Two weeks later, Mike wakes up from his coma. He is suffering from amnesia, and can't remember anything from the day he moved to Wisteria Lane. Edie is there when Mike wakes up, and since she is in love with Mike she tells him that Susan treated him like dirt, and she never really loved him.

Character Actor Notes
Main characters
Susan Delfino Teri Hatcher Her name changed from Susan Mayer after she married Mike.
Lynette Scavo Felicity Huffman  
Bree Hodge Marcia Cross Her name changed from Bree Van de Kamp in season 3 after marriage.
Gabrielle Solis Eva Longoria  
Edie Williams Nicollette Sheridan Her surname changed 3 times after she married 3 husbands, it is now Williams after she married Dave.
Katherine Mayfair Dana Delany  
Other characters
Carlos Solis Ricardo Antonio Chavira Gabrielle's husband
Julie Mayer Andrea Bowen Daughter of Karl and Susan Mayer, born in 1990.
Tom Scavo Doug Savant Lynette's husband
Orson Hodge Kyle MacLachlan Bree's new husband
Mike Delfino James Denton Susan's new husband
Mary Alice Young Brenda Strong The narrator of the series.
Andrew Van de Kamp Shawn Pyfrom Bree and Rex's gay son.
Danielle Katz Joy Lauren Bree and Rex's daughter.
John Rowland Jesse Metcalfe Was the gardener of Gabrielle and Carlos, and had an affair with Gabrielle.
Karen McCluskey Kathryn Joosten Was a fellow neighbor and babysitter
Roy Bender Orson Bean Was the lover of Karen McCluskey and a steak salesman