Deutsche Welle

international German public radio and television channel

The DW (Deutsche Welle) (until 5 February 2012: Deutsche Welle)[1] is Germany's international broadcaster. It broadcasts news and information on shortwave, Internet and satellite radio in 29 languages (DW (RADIO)).

TypeInternational public broadcaster
Founded3 May 1953
Broadcast area
National and International
Official website
The Deutsche Welle building in Bonn

It has a satellite television service (DW (TV)) that is available in four languages, and there is also DW.DE, a 30-language online news site. DW, which in English means "German Wave", is similar to international broadcasters such as the BBC World Service, Radio Canada International, Voice of America, and Radio France Internationale.

On 6 February 2012 Deutsche Welle was completely relaunched and now operates only as DW.[2]



Since October 28, 2021, the site of Deutsche Welle can't be opened in Belarus.[3]

In March 2022, a Belarusian court recognized the Telegram channel “DW Belarus” and the Deutsche Welle logo as extremist materials.[4] In April 2024, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus labeled DW Belarus as an extremist group.[5]

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