antimicrobial agent that is applied to non-living objects (compare: antisepsis) to reduce the number of microorganisms (unwanted germs and parasites) on them (compare:sterilization)

Disinfectant is a liquid used to destroy and kill unwanted germs and parasites. It is often used in the activity of cleaning, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, as they are the areas most likely to be contaminated with dangerous microorganisms. Disinfectants are dangerous liquids and should be used carefully because they can be deadly to humans and animals when in large amounts; it is also different to antiseptics for this reason - disinfectants can only be used on non-living things, while antiseptics are not strong enough to combat the germs disinfectant fights.

Common disinfectant for hand-washing

Types of Disinfectant Disinfectant types are classified based on various types of applications. Different disinfectants are used differently.

Four types of disinfectant:

  1. Air Disinfectant – These types of disinfectants are applicable in hospitals.
  2. Phenols – These are household types of disinfectants.
  3. Alcohol – These are surface disinfection type.
  4. Oxidizing Agents – These are water treatment types of disinfectants.