documentary genre that features dramatized re-enactments of actual events

A Docudrama or Documentrary drama is a genre used for televisionon and movies. In the past is was also used on radio. The genre uses dramatic techniques as they show real events. These events are normally for the documentary genre.  On television, the docudrama has its origin in reality television programs. Because of changes with these types of progams over the years, there are now three main categories.[1]

Types of docudrama

  • Pure docudrama or docushow: Reality is shownas it happens at the time, but under a dramatic story structure. Examples of a pure docudrama are programs that show the work in a hospital emergency room.
  • Partially pure docudrama: In these, the protagonists recreate their stories.
  • Fictional docudrama: These are, based on a true story which is often of a tragic nature. These often deal with murders, rapes, accidents or paranormal cases. In these, the people are played by actors.


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