Door to Door (album)

album by The Cars

Door To Door is the sixth studio album by American new wave band The Cars, released in 1987. While it was a mild commercial success, the album was panned by critics.

Track listing


All songs written and composed by Ric Ocasek except where noted. 

Side one
No. TitleVocals Length
1. "Leave or Stay"  Ocasek 2:55
2. "You Are the Girl"  Ocasek/Benjamin Orr 3:52
3. "Double Trouble"  Orr 4:14
4. "Fine Line"  Ocasek 5:22
5. "Everything You Say"  Orr 4:52
6. "Ta Ta Wayo Wayo"  Ocasek 2:52
Side two
No. TitleVocals Length
7. "Strap Me In"  Ocasek 4:22
8. "Coming Up You"  Orr 4:18
9. "Wound Up On You"  Ocasek 5:02
10. "Go Away" (Greg Hawkes, Ocasek)Orr 4:38
11. "Door to Door"  Ocasek 3:17