Down House

former home of the English naturalist Charles Darwin and his family

For the second part of his life, Charles Darwin lived in Down, Kent with his family. The family owned the house for just over 60 years (1842–1906). It was in Bromley, Kent and now it is in the London Borough of Bromley.

Down House
The sandwalk, Darwin's "thinking path"
Darwin's greenhouse, where he did experiments on plants

This is where the Origin of Species was written, and all his later books.

Later history of the house change

Down House was bought in 1996 by English Heritage, with a grant from the Wellcome Trust. It was restored with funds raised by the Natural History Museum from many trusts, and from a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. It was reopened to the public in April 1998.

The room where Darwin wrote all his later books has been restored as it was in his time. The house, gardens and Darwin's workroom can be seen by visitors.