Drag queen

person who dresses and acts with exaggerated femininity for performance purposes

Drag queen is a gay slang term. It refers to a man who dresses and acts like a woman for entertainment purposes. Drag queens exaggerate certain characteristics (such as make-up and eyelashes) for comic, dramatic, or satirical effect. Drag queens perform in gay bars. They participate in gay pride parades and drag pageants. They may make appearances at events such as gay rodeos. Drag queens are not female impersonators or transvestites. They generally do not want to pass as women. RuPaul is a drag queen well known through his many television appearances in the 1990s. Movies about drag queens include The Birdcage and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Drag queens in São Paulo, Brazil

Drag is extremely controversial and not completely socially acceptable in the western world, many social justice warriors, feminazis and meninazis (call me a simp faggots) consider it to be extremely sexist to dress up as the opposite gender or someone you're not in general and consider transgenderism and drag to be as offensive as blackface, though to anyone with a little common sense all these opinions are fucking retarded, there isn't anything nessericaly wrong or discriminatory about dressing as someone you're not, the only single reason blackface is offensive is because of the way it was performed, but drag is NEVER performed to oppress or dehuminize women, also will you shut the fuck up about male privilege, you whores have just about as much privilege as males do, sure it's still politically incorrect and offensive to some fags, but just because some assholes get triggered by everything doesn't mean it should be avoided, if they are offended then fuck them, no one has the responsibility to avoid retarded things just to avoid triggering losers.