2020 animated film by Kim Hagen Jensen

Dreambuilders aka DreamBuilders: The Movie or Mina and the Dreambuilders in United States on DVD releases, is an 2020 Danish English-language comedy-fantasy adventure animated film directed by Kim Hagen Jensen. released in Denmark by February 6, 2020. and United Kingdom released in July 17, 2020. then direct-to video released in North America from June 5, 2021 by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

Directed byKim Hagen Jensen
Written bySøren Grinderslev Hansen
Kim Hagen Jensen
Story byKim Hagen Jensen
Produced bySunit Parekh
Solveig Langeland
Anette Iversen
Petter Lindblad
Nynne Marie Selin Eidnes
StarringRobin Dempsey
Emmy Jenkins
Luke Griffin
Danielle Panabaker
Laura Bailey
Josh Keaton
Edited byRikke Selin
Music byKristian Eidnes Andersen
First Lady Film
SF Studios Denmark
Distributed byWarner Bros. Home Entertainment (US, 2021)
Signature Entertainment (UK)
TBA (Brazil)
TBA (Spain)
TBA (Poland)
TBA (Malaysia)
TBA (India)
TBA (Lithuania)
TBA (Italy)
SF Studios (Denmark)
TBA (France)
TBA (Columbia)
TBA (France)
TBA (Singapore)
TBA (Canada)
TBA (Australia)
TBA (Japan)
TBA (South Korea)
TBA (China)
TBA (South Africa)
TBA (Israel)
TBA (Russia)
TBA (Ukraine)
TBA (Germany)
Release date
  • June 5, 2021 (2021-06-05) (United States)
Running time
82 minutes
LanguagesEnglish (USA, UK)

Plot change

A young girl named Minna lives with her father John in the country, while her mother Karen went out to pursue her dream as a singer. One day, her life changes when her dad remarries his new wife named Helene, with her daughter Jenny, whom Minna argues and fights with. While she's dreaming one night, she finds a hole in the sky, which leads her into a world where blue creatures control her dreams. Minna investigates this world, where she realizes the blue creatures are called Dreambuilders, who are responsible for creating dreams. There, she meets Gaff, and while hiding from the grouchy Inspector, she is accidently transported to her father's dream, where she changes his dream by switching a can of anchovies for cake.

Realizing that John now loves anchovies the next morning, Minna realizes that she can alter people's dreams. Soon, Jenny is then bothered by her pet hamster, Viggo, and immediately wants to take it to an animal shelter. To stop this, Minna goes into the dream world, and with the help of Gaff, is able to alter Jenny's dream by making her dance with a giant-sized Viggo. As she's returning to her original stage, Minna realizes that if a dreamer is out of their stage for too long, they fade away. Upon waking up, Jenny is now liking the pet, but things soon go awry when Minna finds out her stepsister was mocking her on Instagram due to the sweater she was wearing. So that evening, Jenny's dream is now changed when the owner of a clothing store makes her to try Minna's sweater. She is then nearly caught by the Inspector, but is saved my Milo, a former Dreambuilder who destroyed a set by altering the script, thus making him a janitor.

Returning to the real world, Jenny panics upon waring Minna's sweater and in a fit of anxiety, decides to move back to the city. While packing, Jenny discovers Minna's diary with her plans to fix her, and is upset that her stepsister is now tampering with her dreams. She then goes to Helene and decides that she's changed her mind. A jealous Minna is upset that John loves her sister then her, and so she lashes out her family in a fit of rage, In the dream world, Minna constructs a nightmare for Jenny by exploiting her fear of spiders, even a giant-sized one. But then, the stage collapses, and not only Gaff is made a janitor by the Inspector, Jenny falls into the Dream Trash and in the real world, falls into a coma. Realizing her mistakes, Minna then tells John that she can fix her mistakes.

She then falls asleep, and in her dream, she then finds Karen who forces her to stay in bed. However, Minna is soon clear to find out that Karen is actually an actor (she can also tell because Karen hates board games). She then goes to the Dream Trash where she finds Jenny. After the tower leading then out gets destroyed, the 2 try to find their way out. Suddenly, the spider from the nightmare comes alive and beings chasing them. They soon hide in an old dream set, realizing that it's one of Jenny's former dreams, where Minna learns that Helene's husband left her and her stepsister, blaming them for the move. The 2 then reconcile and find an old dream controller, and with the levitating objects, use them for a ladder to get to the stage. They are almost caught by the spider, but with the help of Gaff and the Inspector, Minna manages to shut it off. Suddenly, Jenny begins to fade away due to being out of her stage for too long, but the friends manage for her to get back and wake up on time. In the real world, Minna is delighted for Jenny to be alive, and the 2 then spend time with their parents as a family.

In the dream world, Gaff, now a Dreambuilder (along with Milo), begins constructing a new dream with the Inspector.

Cast change

  • Robin Dempsey/Danielle Panabaker (US) as Mina
  • Emmy Jenkins/Laura Bailey as Jenny
  • Luke Griffin/Josh Keaton as John
  • Jeff Bennett as Gaff
  • Grey Delisle-Griffin as Helene
  • S. Scott Bullock as Inspector
  • Melissa Rauch as Karen/Cloth Seller
  • Jason Spisak as Milo
  • Sam Riegel as Jenny's dad

in American version additional voices: Fred Tatasciore, Lara Jill Miller, Jeff Fischer, Anna Akana, Susanne Blakeslee, Jennifer Hale, Kari Wahlgren, Rob Paulsen.

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